Harvest moon Chapter 1: Claire's Past

Harvest moon Chapter 1: Claire's Past

what the title of the soundtrack in 2:17 please 🙏
what's the title of the soundtrack???
btw its a cool story
my eyes broke...
Too much blinking
Haha when i got record text i killed gray but he fell asleep ......
My eyes kind of hurt -,- sooo much blinking .-.
Can you stop with the blinking
Did the mirror just moved?! o.O
this is really good (:
how did she saw gray's face ? does it glows in dark ?
Hey! You're videos pretty good...LOL! :P Quick Do you happen to have the link to the sprites that ILoveMyMatty made? It's not on her channel anymore, so its a little hard to access :P If you need advice in improving I can help! :)
haha lol, abit...
@katrina0506 gba harvest moon more friends of mineral town. if you didnt put the more it would be the boy version
@SexyBlair14 It's the main character with a blonde hair...
whos thhis clair they always talk about?
@jialee100 then what is the name of that soundtrack? sry, i dun watch that anime.
what HM is this what title of the game and what is it for PSP or NDS or WII or what can anyone pls. tell me
this is awesome!can you share the soundtrack?

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