Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Harvest Moon ~Camilla~

Harvest Moon ~Camilla~

i love this so so much :3
No, I think it's adorable! X3
Anyone else think its a bit weird at 1:48 when Vaughn and Chelsea are all snuggled up and there is a baby in bed with them? O.o
What's the ending song? I can't make out wat it says! :/
omg havest moon I own both of them skye and vaughn go team :D
How'd you get this song???? For sum reason i like it xD
What's the ending song? I can't really make out what it says and BTW can you make a Ray X Tina tribute please?
your art is awesome! i've seen it in other videos all the time! great video!
Who's this Vaughn guy I keep hearing about? which Harvest Moon is he in?
I love the song. But I could only find the spanish version. -_- It's okay, but I don't speak spanish. Where did you find this version of the song?
sigh..... why can't harvest moon guys be real??? especially vaughn and skye... :3
@Zanthia2 ikr i love vaughn!!!!
I love this song! and the vid!
Epilepcy warning on this video dammnit >_> if I had gotten an grand mal from watching it I had been quite mad at you, to be honest.
I love your video but the strobe lights (flashing lights) in it where hurting my eyes after like a min or two...But I still watched it cuz its so good.
dang it I hate Vaughn but I can't complain
thanks! XD
@aznsrock727 its called dota by basshunter
can someone please tell me the ending song? please!
I wonder why people never use the blondie.

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