Harvest Moon 64 - Summer theme

Harvest Moon 64 - Summer theme

Baron 3.
Muting the Stardew music and using this for BGM :D
I also say this sounds like dora the explore music who agrees
When you don't even remember why you're getting chills, but you know you have some good reason.

Good lord the days gone by.
Those memories. ;_;
....I remember I made lyrics to it.... I did the dog glitch, and it didn't work in my game ;_; oh well....
oh noes,a typhoon´s coming! D: i remember i just had my new greenhouse with all tomatoes,corn,eggplants and a bunch of strawberries,and the news reporter said that a typhoon was aproaching...then i had no choice that to sell all my stuff and cut the plants with the sickle,but after the typhoon the greenhouse survived...FUUUCK!!!
Beginning of this song reminds me of the start of Sonic 2, the music
Nostalgias a bitch
Oh man, I remember playing this game... The farm, up and running. My cows, producing milk... Wish I still had it...
Memories nothing! I still have my N64 hooked up right next to my PS3 and this cartridge is superglued into it!
Man, this takes me back....
@musicalminor I really wish the newer harvest moons allowed the wife you choose and kids to work for you like they do in this one. As for BTN Nintendo Made Friends of Mineral Town which seems like a cheap knock off on account of it not featuring the same cute childhood story of why your character came back to the farm.
l like this one the best
@shbomb I meant through the TV's headphone jack, or an RCAoutput. I wasn't sure if the audio is modified from televisions or not, if so I would probably send it though the television then to the mic-input line. I'm trying to think of a good way to capture the audio, and maybe video, without a capture card or having to purchase any software.
@EPhantom125 If I'm remembering right, I plugged my N64 into a video-capture box that connects to the computer by USB (no need for a TV at all), then used the software that came with it to record the game. Holding a mic up to a television is probably the worst thing you could possibly do quality-wise.
@shbomb What did you do to get the audio from the game with good quality? did you capture it directly from the system, or did you send it through the television first? and what program did you use to record it?
I'm copying as many Harvest Moon songs I can find as possible so I have something to listen to while I'm gardening this year.
I can't wait for the new PSP one coming out in april. As for he song, it's great, but nothing can come close to the summer song in Save the Homeland.
HM 64......What a great game..untouchable I remember marrying freakin karen, and then having a kid, having a stock in my cabinet of gold milk, and rare metals from the mines my freezer was full of strawberries, and my house rocked!! i miss this game so much.....or maybe i just miss being 12 and not having a care in the world.

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