Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack 12- Firefly Festival

Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack 12- Firefly Festival

i wish there was a longer version....
This song is like the epitome of all my happiness as a kid. Its weirdly important to me.
God I love this game. I like when this song plays when the father visits at the end.
Probably the most memorable song for me from HM 64. HM 64 will always hold a special place in my heart (played it at like 14) and am now 26. Have a small cozy house, grow crops during warm seasons, want to take up fishing, find a nice girl, and maybe cut some wood...if I install a wood stove...probably partially influenced from this game and some real life experiences. Love HM64, but started to play HM BTN for ps1, and it does unfortunately put HM 64 to shame due to it having more content.
Me and Mary.... T___T

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