Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack 10- Mountains

Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack 10- Mountains

Man vs wild
well great game
Oi nomas ese cumbión
This oddly gives me Paper Mario vibes.
fishes all day and doesn't catch a damn thing
Esto es Cumbia
Hanging around the carpenters' office in the afternoon.
On an interesting note, Back to Nature was release only two months after Harvest Moon 64. For two games developed at the same time, they sure turned out differently.
Definitely check out Harvest Moon Back to Nature on the PS1. It's like a remix of HM64 but with a lot more depth... not that HM64 was lacking it.
This is the only Harvest Moon game I've played, and although I haven't looked up any of the other games yet, this is the best.

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Agro Space

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