Harvest Moon 64 - Day 001 - 1/1/03

Harvest Moon 64 - Day 001 - 1/1/03

If you're reading this

Hi I guess
2018 Anyone?
you should play this game again i loved this series <3
I really wish etho would get into other games that are older.. This is nice
This game was my childhood. Jesus, how time passes by.
😂😂😂😂you said it would be cringey...I say it's not that bad
I have been subbed to you for years... how did I miss this LP. One of my favorite games of all time.
How can I save the data when im sleeping I try the wrute diary but it comes back to the first dau
Gray is Ann's brother in this game? Wow. I suppose he might always be, then, but I had never seen that as a possibility...
Are there no shortcuts for pulling things out of your backpack??
Wow, that's such a short name-limit! I think it's 14 characters in FoMT, over twice as much.
You haven't been uploading a lot lately, besides the ARK videos which I don't like; I'm going to watch this series now, as I miss watching you, and only have two other series I watch, and like to watch YouTube every morning! I wouldn't want to, to avoid spoilers, but I am unfortunately very unlikely to play this game. :( 1. It was released in NTSC and NTSC-J regions only; 2. It is rare even in North America; 3. It won't ever be on eShop, due to 'bad' programming.
I can totally see where Stardew Valley got its inspiration!
Wanna revamp this series etho?
Man i remember watching this on my tv when i was first watching youtube
This game was rereleased for the Wii U Virtual Console! : )
this is just like stardew valley
It makes me happy to see a favorite of ours being played by Ethos. My heart is at peace from this one episode.
I can't believe you didn't finish this series. I don't know why, but when this series was new I really preferred it over your Minecraft series. Now that a lot of time has passed, I'm still waiting on your harvest moon videos.

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