Harvest America 2018 with Greg Laurie

Harvest America 2018 with Greg Laurie

Well done Pastor Greg. I will click the thumbs-up button "tomorrow" ......... again ..... when I listen to this sermon again because there are so much to take in it requires more than an once off listen. I trust that all the people who attended the service have done the same - not to watch and see if they can spot themselves on camera but to take every word in that you have spoken. It is hard to focus and concentrate in such a large arena with so many people all around you.
May God bless your ministry. I am looking forward to the 2019 event.
Thank You Jesus!
This Dear Man of God is such an Awesome Blessing for our generation! He called Steve McQueen "The King of Cool." Pastor Greg: You are also The King of Cool! I love you man! :-)
Beautiful revive us Lord deliver us Lord Jesus from this world the flesh and the devil by you grace and truth
Thanks Pastor Greg. Powerful message. I posted it on my FB Wall, <3
God bless your ministry. A few years ago, my life was changed by this message.

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