Handling Cattle Quietly in Pens

Handling Cattle Quietly in Pens

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ms.Temple grandin my name is Nicholas and I am using my grandma's google account and I am 11years old and 12 in one month i am autistic and I have hdhd and aspburgers you inspire my grandma and my mom me and I love your story
I just read you are at 2012 Calgary Stampede, doing an assessment of stress levels in the bucking stock. Looking forward to your findings.
Thanks for your reply. Temple. What behavioural markers would you use to assert that the bucking animals have low levels of stress? Why do most, if not all, broncs, gape their mouths while flanked? Training these animals to buck involves the use of the flank strap. They don't buck, without the flank strap. How is that training the animal?
Temple, what is your opinion of animal handling at the rodeo? I'm curious. I know that you strive to keep their lives stress free. How does this equate in rodeo?
Your Video explains behavior methods of low stress cattle handling methods for moving groups of cattle through gates Is Very Useful Sharing
Very informative video. Thanks!

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