Clark Harris Womens Jersey  H1Z1 // Full Guide: Ethanol Farm

H1Z1 // Full Guide: Ethanol Farm

Can you make it now in the new update?
You are genius!
Does this still work? I'm running around my server and I see tons of bases and shacks but I only found one farm.. I would expect everyone would be doing something like this to get some mad loot.
+jevrath 8 hours in game or real life?
How can i make a roof to my base?
another reason for roofing your farm is to protect the tillers from being destroyed from grenades and such
Great video, I'm ready to start raiding, have great day ! I'm so excited !
what do you think about CVx getting banned ? :DDD
Thanks for the really detailed video.
Hey I am having a lot of trouble collecting enough water bottles to create enough ethanol to raid with because we are a small group. Do you have any advice?
Why would you only put 3 seeds if you can put down 4 is that like a trick or something ? I dont understand.
i have 10 on each large upper shelter lol
hi there, may i ask how u rotate placement when u r in the "dig"mode ?
can you place it also on a foundation?
very good tutorial
Please turn your mic volume up
Any good sugar looting locations? That always seems to be my problem when making ethanol. I always have much more of the other components compared to sugar.
Nice guide !

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