Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

These vids crack me up. Cute too
Trump should be trumped
Unsubbed due to anti donald trump agenda
Animals are not political...they love everybody...too bad you've made this video...I adore this channel but apparently you have the Trump derangement syndrome ...too bad....and farewell snowflake...Trump has made America great again but keep on with your decisive chatter, just don't attribute your ideas to God's lovely creatures...only man has hateful vile thoughts...
Its so funny cuz all thoghs dislikes are problably trump supporters im a trump supporter but i liked this vid 😂
even guinea pigs didn't vote for him
Donald trump can just live and get a real job instead doing his bad job
So funny except for Trump insulting
And then he won. Good Job America 😂
The guinea pig is smarter
These guinea pigs are quite biased...
as a trump supporter, i can confirm this as not offensive! :)
all my giny pigs hate trump
that is how i feel about trump
'You're fired'
He sounded so authoritative, please say that guinea pigs have the power to fire presidents. Please.
“Proud day to be a guinea pig” lmao I’ll always love that. I have two fur balls myself
this is pretty funny when your like high

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