Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

This video is off the wall 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
I was dying when he was like: “oh yes, we do take you very seriously, says while a picture of him looking weird (but since when wasn’t he! 😹)
Pretty good an funny video....having said that I'm sure the maker of this video must be liberal garbage...
Funniest video ever
Only if animals had a right to vote.
GUINEA PIGS!!!! are the best reactor before translation WEAK!! WEAK!!WEAK!! WEAK!! WEAK!!
It would've been cute had you left your own political opinion out of it, the only cute part was the Guinea pig hair parts.
Other than that the rest is just political trash.
I used to like your videos but this takes it too far.
At least he's president now, guess the Guinea pigs' voices were drowned out. 🤷‍♀️
1:44 Intruption!
I just unscribred from your channel you don't like our president please leave the the COUNTRY
That’s the best hat on earth
Guinea pigs run for president of America.
1:52 Lol 😂 well that’s just an insult to food lol
Lmaoooo this is so funny haha
can I see a reaction now ....many guinea pigs probably killed America has shown how corrupted it allow this moron/racist/cheat/con man to continue in place
The guinea pigs are hilarious
We need more guinea pigs reacting to things!
Thank you for sharing. :)
This deserves a sub
Do you like my hat? Oh, wait, he’s still talking?
Guinea pig

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