Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Awww!! My guinea pigs were having fun with this video!!
My guinea pig likes this video
Reminds me of my baby who passed 💗warms me Thankyou
Guinea pig are so cute I Had 5 then we gave away 2 and 1 died but on the bright side of things are that you have cute guinea pigs.!!!
My guinea pig started popcorning and wheeking when he heard this XD
I let my pie listen to this he was trying to find a guinea pig
As kids my ugly older sister kept one in a small 1ft by 2ft cage constantly. It pisses me off just thinking about it 😡
This made one of my piggies start squealing! XD
I love guinea pigs they are so cutee
Guinea oiga are adorable i used to have 2
Sweet! I used to have a pair and I honestly miss this sound so much...
Thank you to who ever posted this. My guinea pig decided to go on a adventure outside his cage last night. I've been distraught all night and day looking for him. I thought it might help if other guineas called him and low and behold he popped out if his hiding place. You have no idea how helpful this video was and how eternally grateful I am to it. Omg I'm shaking,hes home! Thank you wee piggie!
I had two guinea pigs when I was a kid and I loved them despite when they made my ears bleed every time I came home.💕
10000000000000 Percent cute 1000000000000 Percent adorable.
My giunea pigs sound like that
My Guinea pigs just wondered wtf is going on
I played it to my guinea pig and she is looking around the cage.She also looked at me several times,her reaction was so cute
Omg.. I hear this every day!! (Depends if they see food or if they run out of food and see people around them, thinking they would give em’ food) Honestly, I really think this is a really satisfying sound (Idk how to explain it but, AM I WIERD??) Also, they make these sounds when their nervous of being picked up by my cousins or I....
This works on my guiny pigs they think there's more guiny pigs

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