Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

My guinea pig squeaks with it lol
Weet weet weet
So cute
my guniea got scared
Aww cute!
My guinea pig backs up when she hears this lol
Sooooo cute awwwww
My guinea pig want crazy playing this
My babies (Guinea pigs) are looking at each other like,
‘Did you say something?’
‘ did you?’
And its so funny
Those poor bunnies! There’s so many in such small cages they should all be free roamed!
Omg the way it walks is so cute 😄🤗
Guinea pics are my fave animal I have one named Mocha
Very cute sounds
my agriscience teachers has a guinea pig in her class and she constantly interrupts the class by making noises. it sounds like she’s ree-ing
Верните меня в мой дом! Страшно на улице!
What dog breed is thst
And here we see the curious geiuni pig, trying to free his friends the rabbits
Those sounds make me completely uncomfortable. It's too high and non stop, that's why I don't like guinea pigs.. Also they're.. not as loving as other animals.

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