Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

He's lost!
What does it mean when they make that noise?! 😂😂😂
So cute
I played this video and my parrot started squeaking like a guinea pig
For some reason my guinea pig stopped running and looked at the guinea pig
This is where i go when i get depressed
Lol.. my guinea pigs ALWAYS make that sound! I just got 3 and they are all 6 weeks old! Soo adorable! ❤️
how do they even make those sounds?
so BEAUTIFUL guinea pig!
My 2 day old guinea pig is screaming to this
Awww...that one right white leg
Do ginnypigs fart really ?
I was watching this with my guniea pig and she"s looking around like where are they.
He's scared. Get him inside so he can hide. Nice guinea pig, though.
my dog literally jumped on me
i made my guinea pig watch this and he was really freaking out XD
I love her guinea pigs squeak even as they’re walking around 😂 like they can’t stop talking!
Absolutely wicked! Rabbits and guinea pigs cramped in to cages. Really cruel! RSPCA should be informed!
Happy Guinea Pig!
My guinea pigs talking to this

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