Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Guinea Pig Noises Loud Squeaking Sounds

Made my day better.
Say hello to a group of bunnies
Played this to my guinea pig and he got really mad wonder what it said. Lmfao
Our too guniea pigs squek a lot when they see food
Very cute 😫😍😍😙❤
I hope my babies get that big! Check out Norman and Apollo on my channel♡
OMG such a pretty guinea!! :) what a sweetheart, you can tell it's a good time♡♡
My guinea pigs went crazy
I have 2 guinea pigs, and they’re both boys. One of them is calm, one of them is crazy.
My dog keeps staring up to the cage like a weirdo and it freaks my guinea pig out.
What do I do?
lmao my dog loves this she watched it like it wasa real pig
Been finding this guinea pig on multiple channels, though none appear to be the owner. Anyone know who the actual owner of this guinea pig is?
Sooo cute
this is lonely sound
1,421,000th view
One time I putted this on and my guinea pig got confused and started to squeak for 10 minutes and my mum said u fucked up ava man I was so pissed off
My ginea pigs love squeaking along to this xD
I played this around my guinea pig and she was looking around oml lmao

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