Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Once about two to three years back I lose my 7th generation guinea pigs named Stuart and Little 😭I miss them a lot and now I'm thinking to get my dog (Misti) some guinea pigs 😊
My guinea pig never squeaks. We got her as a baby and she don't squeak still 8 months later. She runs around plays eats drinks but chokes on food when eating her hay.
I usually wake up and hear my guinea pig making the "Leave me Alone" sound. I only have one piggy, so what does it mean?
Hi his video is almost at one million views
wow it is almost a million views already
The "I'm sexy and I know it" sound is actually a domination sound that guinea pigs do when they want to show who is the boss or tell the other one to go away bc it's their territory.
I was watching this next to my guinea pig and it started making sounds
I was watching this and my guinea pigs came out if there hind and was look around😂
my guina pig just made a huffing/hissing sound to my other guina pig, is that normal?
The Hunger Squeak yes ... You mean my 1 am alarm clock
Hi. I'm sure you've answered this somewhere but i didn't find it so apologize if it a common thing... I just got my first guinea pig a few weeks ago and she is making a noise I haven't heard before. Shes sort of shaking and cooing? like a pigeon? Shes laying down so I don't think shes stressed? idk.. You videos have been really helpful! So thanks for sharing your piggies with us <3
Nooooooooo my giunipig died
Usually male Guinea pigs use a low vibrating sound to flirt with females but what happens if a femal guinea pig makes that noise? I checked her again and again and she is definitely a female, any clue on what it means?
I have Guinea pigs so I know these sounds very well
So cute😍😍
You have some beautiful piggies❤️😍
WTF I THOUGHT MY GUINEA PIG WAS PURRING I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS TRYING TO BE THE BOSS OF MEH ;-; i just gave goldie and ash a little touch on the rump because of that -_-
So I’m meant to believe these sounds from someone who doesn’t know not to feed them lettuce? 🙄🤔

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