Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

I can’t tell if my pigs a teeth chattering or eating.
I guess whenever I try to pick up my guinea pig he says "I'm sexy and I know it" ; - ;
My guinea pigs always WHEEEEK when I open the fridge or they hear rambling plasting packaging
Who else has got guinea pigs and loves them
I miss my guinea pig. He died a while ago.
so my guinea pig is very sexy but wants to be alone about over 75 times a day
My Guinea Pigs are scared of me :')
my guineas make all of those sounds, and I sometimes wish they had a mute button! ;)
My male guinea pig did The I’m sexy and I know it one to the other male guinea pig
Are they really loud
2019 anyone
I am geting a guinea pig female
Whenever I wake up in the morning and go downstairs my guinea pig goes wheeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
What ive learned about guineas sense I got them: they f**king hate sharing
When the leave me alone squeak Frieda and Pebbles we’re trying to steal Little One’s food! Poor Lil Uno
Wow all my quin pigs want is food XDDD
In the thumbnail pebbles looks like she's smirking at the camera
Pebbles is so cute!!
Lil squeakers

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