Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Where did you get your cage?? Please, I need some guinea pig help
Can guinea pigs eat broccoli..I was looking after my class pigges and when i came back i feed them broccoli and a girl who owns 5 guinea pigs said they can't..I read books amd websites and they said they can
My guinea pig everyday: Leave me alone...Leave me alone....LEAVE ME TF ALONE!
Me: ok.
Guinea pig: I’m hungry!
Me: *tries to give food*
Very informative! I used this so I could make guinea pig noises in a seminar in which I was to be "a guinea pig" for the lecturer.
This was helpful! My piggy was making the sound 1 of the vid and I didn't know what is was about. Now I know thx <3
“I’m sexy and I know it!”....lololololol
I watched this video near my piggies, it scared Char Char. He started replying to the video with high pitched loud eeks!
I stopped it and he is now back to eating veggies. So no harm done.
Love these videos, they are very informative.
Can you do a video what to do with ginea pigs
Because I'm giting a ginea pig for chrismas 🐹
The “sexy and I know it sound” is how I found out my “female” pair of guinea pigs are not both females....... Also, theyre only four wheeks old so now I know they also make the looking for their momma sound :(
I killed my guine pig. She was just 1 year old. First i was very good to her, i feed her good and she was happy. But after 2-3 weeks i started to hit her with a small hamer. She cry every time i hit her. And at the end i put her in small a box without ventilation. She die in that box.
Awww they're so cute! Love my piggies 💕
My girl guinea pig does the low male sound ('I'm sexy and I know it') and she also tried breeding with my other girl piggie. Thankfully she has stopped
Wow... my little boy really thinks he’s sexy, that’s literally all he does! 😂😂
How many males and how many females do you have?
thats really funny. everytime if i look your videos and one of your potatoes "wheek wheek": my own Potatoes (Helga and Hilde (i'm German :'D)) looking around to check it out. thats so cute.

aaaand i like your videos, its really helpful to me. i want to buy an male potato soon. but first i create a bigger home for my babys
they are very cute
so cut i cry
Well I guess my male guinea pigs are flirting with each other... that explains the mounting they were doing to each other.
guess what? my family and I used to be Guinea pig farmers. and would look after them. we had 42!
That was veeerrry helpful thx :)

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