Guinea Pig Giving Birth ! Baby Guinea Pigs - Birth Of Cavies

Guinea Pig Giving Birth ! Baby Guinea Pigs - Birth Of Cavies

Mines called Oreo and she’s pregnant!
Aww!!! I subbed!
My female is due anyday now and I’m ecstatic but what should do so the babies don’t get sick or anything like that?
My baby guinea pig has given birth today and there is 5 little baby
Please do not use STORE BOUGHT CAGES! u should make your cage large dog kennels sometimes are okay but store bought are extremely bad! there to small for the guinea pigs as they do enjoy running around popcorning ect i hope they do have a bigger cage since this vid was done a year ago
Noo laying down while give birth is bad keep in mind that's blood poisoning
My guinea pig is pregnant
Awwwww so adorable
They weren't really suppose to give birth in its cage
I hope that you get bigger cages cuz store bough cages are too small C&C cages or midwest guinea pig habitat or diy cages are better than the store bought cages btw the pups are so cute!!
be careful he can get her pregnant again after she has given birth please keep him away from both mom and pups and be sure to separate the young boars at 3 weeks old
Dad's are supposed to be parted because they eat the babies
I always enjoy your videos
So sweet, cute, adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anyone notice the fur on the second one grew immediately
beautiful, healthy lil bubs <3 <3 congrats
awesome video.
with pleasure subscribed .... and with a bell !!! like and full viewing!)))
Great video, thanks for sharing.

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