GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

easiest mission in the world
My plane not even moving this mission dumb
Minor turbulence my foot, more like extreme turbulence.
For me its hard i do the same thing my plane is way slower that the cargo plane
Yu know yu could get in that jeep and drive off


And than yu can not open Yur chute and dive into the sea

:Dose anyone want to see that?
Love this mission
Am i the only one that tried to find the plane in the water when it crashed?
Bro when I go high it makes me go down please help
Worth it because your able to get the rail gun.
This mission is like stowaway
I can't manage to fly into the cargo planes back
The cargo plane is faster than the crop duster in xbox one. Wtf
kill the into music
I couldn’t jump from the plane how did you do that?
Watched this video and did it 1st try lol.
This is hell to do with a gamepad!
Easy mission
I know this type of mission its the minor turbulance one its my fav mission but the only part i hate about it is when the jets shoot u down.
How do i save the plane😥
I literally can not get into the back of the plane

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