GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

easiest mission in the world
This is hell to do with a gamepad!
Easy mission
I know this type of mission its the minor turbulance one its my fav mission but the only part i hate about it is when the jets shoot u down.
How do i save the plane😥
I literally can not get into the back of the plane
easy mission, my cousin beat it and he’s only 6
Hiw do I get the plane to rise off the ground
Hate this mission
Hard for me

Trick is to keep the plane steady as close as possible 2 the ramp.

Had sum trouble at 1st, but watched this video & Nailed It!
Im extremely annoyed becuase i always die and repeat
This mission is fucking stupid as fuck they shoot my god damn planes engine when I even get near that jet. It’s like mission impossible
On Xbox one, once you've reached the the check point, you have to go up far beyond the plane, and then go done towards the plane to gain speed and you'll go straight through the entrance. It took me an hour to figure this out cause on Xbox the plane will keep going faster than you
I swear mine just won't turn. Hate this mission!!
how to i turn the crop duster on ps4
Is it me or am I the only person who plane isn't trying to turn when I do it ?
i hate this mission so much
Hardest mission for me took me 3 days to pass it

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