GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

GTA 5 Story Mode "Minor Turbulence" Trevor Flying Cargo Plane #2

easiest mission in the world
Bro when I go high it makes me go down please help
Worth it because your able to get the rail gun.
This mission is like stowaway
I can't manage to fly into the cargo planes back
The cargo plane is faster than the crop duster in xbox one. Wtf
kill the into music
I couldn’t jump from the plane how did you do that?
Watched this video and did it 1st try lol.
This is hell to do with a gamepad!
Easy mission
I know this type of mission its the minor turbulance one its my fav mission but the only part i hate about it is when the jets shoot u down.
How do i save the plane😥
I literally can not get into the back of the plane
easy mission, my cousin beat it and he’s only 6
Hiw do I get the plane to rise off the ground
Hate this mission
Hard for me

Trick is to keep the plane steady as close as possible 2 the ramp.

Had sum trouble at 1st, but watched this video & Nailed It!

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