Growing Romaine Lettuce in Containers - An interesting experiment

Growing Romaine Lettuce in Containers - An interesting experiment

its called bolting to seed. possibly too hot, save seeds and try again.
I'm a new Gardener as well in my romaine lettuce it's just growing into sticks how do you cut them properly so they're go dormant and come back for next season
I'm growing romaine lettuce one in a container how do I get it to become a head instead of a tall plant anybody have any ideas I would appreciate it.
Thank you for sharing. Just planted my lettuces jam packed. Gonna try spacing then out
As a new gardener I have made the mistake of throwing in too many seeds whether it's lettuce or cilantro. And I have stringy plants with small leaves. What method do you use for sowing? I am thinking of the seed tape for next season.
Thanks for this video:)

its possible too much shade over dem

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