Growing Romaine 1 week Time Lapse

Growing Romaine 1 week Time Lapse

i was trying to watch the lettuce grow, but that damn carrot!
comment faire pour faire repousser du celerie en branche,faut-il lui couper le bas?
Fuck how much battery did that need.
Loved how you did the video. I've been looking for this. Wonderful way to actually see the growth.
Your carrot is dizzy.
Amazing video!! Thanks!!
Great ! Amazing !
Every time I try to regrow lettuce it gets brown spots all over it
Glory to God!
Can't take my eyes off the carrot leaves. Creepy carrot.
do i need to change the water?
Good job! But, a carrot is not a good choice for this! But, however you can regrow lettuce by using just the center of the base and growing it at a 12 hour interval of light! You do not have to use, or leave large leaves! Overall, great video!
holy crap that was awesome more like that
So you never had to rewater? Mine is eating up the water by the day.
magical lol
how often do you need to change the water? do you eventually have to transfer to soil?
hope to get your reply as I have not seen any reply to questions below :-p
Hi. Is is just in water? If so, did you replace it and how often?
Great timelapse by the way.
What is the vegetable that is on the far left??
now this is what i called Great VIDEO. its hard to find these kind of videos. it gives you full details of the progression of the growing. thanks. post more of these types of videos.
it was freaky to see that carrot move like that

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