Growing Greens : How to Grow Lettuce in a Pot & in the House

Growing Greens : How to Grow Lettuce in a Pot & in the House

I love how you teased the root balls with both hands
ha ha u recorded the end at the beginning....
when u plant lettuce , it has to be in a cold place or hot place ?
holy damn. it's been a long time, ehow.... former buzzfeed.
great film. Nice and easy.
why does my bottom leaves go yellow when new leaves are growing all the time?
Excellent instruction, including using shallow pot, and getting a jump start by buying small plants. Put the pot on a table to keep it out of easy access by critters. Rather than using shard of broken pottery in the drain hole, I tend to use a couple of overlapping layers of wire mesh.
I love when female voice trembles when she has to say - stick it i a hole 02:58
The " garden nerd" riiight -_-
Very helpful. Thank you!! Love your videos btw
I will have to grow my lettuces in a pot -- otherwise, the rabbit and the gopher will eat them before I do.
Hi my lattuce is sprouting up and according to what you sre saying in this video it's because it doesn't have enough sun. If I put it on a window where I have the sun several hours per day will it be save?
Thank you
I liked the video, it was helpful for what I got planned.
However I don't like the idea of covering the drainage hole... maybe with smaller gravel, or some mesh, but I wouldn't ever cover it with a flat weighted object. Makes me really nervous.
Thanks for your video...would a deep plastic container with holes for drainage work as well?
Did she just say stick it in the hole?
great video!  I grow spinach in containers check it out!
Does this bring bugs indoors? If so, how do I prevent this?
Thank you  for sharing  :)

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