Franklin Graham Interview: Icons of Faith Series

Franklin Graham Interview: Icons of Faith Series

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Franklin Graham is a racist!
I saw the sign. I opened up my eye and saw the sign(ace of base-minus the voo doo that was put upon us unknowingly) Lies, all we get are lies from you people. But I guess the money's good right? Enjoy it. God bless and I actually mean it when i say it. And about the oysters and the ham? we are instructed to not eat that stuff and you and your family preaching that it's okay is misleading and it's an awful thing to do to people that are legitimate in their search for knowledge trying to connect with the Father and then there's you false profits and yes I meant to spell it that way! Instead leading people Straight to Hell There's a price to pay for that. Not to mention the inverted genders you got going on in that family. we see! Finally we see so what you going to do now?
The overwhelming majority of Christian churches including Franklin Graham's are laboring under a horrible deception. They focus on what Donald Trump has promised to do for the churches while ignoring his deplorable moral behavior. Donald Trump is inciting rampant hatred and violence just like Adolf Hitler did. Like Hitler, he is trying to destroy our republic and convert it into a totalitarian dictatorship.

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