Glen Campbell - Arkansas Farmboy In-Studio

Glen Campbell - Arkansas Farmboy In-Studio

GC will NEVER die.
RIP Glen; as you sure have earned it!!
a wonderful performer, that persivired almost every thing!!
RIP Glen!....I feel your spirit as I listen to your great music time and time again!
He died yesterday
Adios, Glen.
Glen has an incredible history; that's touched all of us!!
I always thought Uncle Boo taught him to play guitar.
What an awesome story to go with a great song.
Lots of good ole Arkansas farm boys, Johnny Cash, Levon Helm, and Glen to name my personal favorites. Incredibly gifted.
On June 2, Billboard published a tremendous article describing the very special backstory about this Carl Jackson penned song and the making of Glen's new album, 'Adios’. It is one of the best articles on 'Adios' we have read yet. This is the link to the article if you would like to read it: ~Dee Z.
I don't want him to die
fabulous. brilliant production incredible
Lovely voice Glenn

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