Generational Farming - Seeding New Crop Hay

Generational Farming - Seeding New Crop Hay

So you run the drag over the field after you plant?
I just procured a small hobby farm. There is a small pasture were hay used to be harvested but it has since got overgrown with weeds. What is the best way to bring this field back? Should I plow it, run a disk over then plan hay? Just cut it real short and broadcast plant hay suitable grasses. Or is there a better way to it? I live midwestern Wisconsin
Ryan, your videos are very helpful for me, as I am a retired math teacher/ Accountant. I took some of my nest egg and just bought 240 acres. I have priced out the machinery I will need, and will pay cash for the land and the equip. Now all I have to do is learn how to do everything. This has been my dream and now at 56 i cant establish our family ranch/farm to pass on to future generations debt free. Any suggestions let me know
Out here where I used to work in the Riverina in Australia we used to drag a set of harrows behind the sower (here we call a sower a combine ,funny enough). It saved another pass with the tractor. Love your videos
I heard stories like 20 years back that farmers were being sued for copyright infringement by corporations for planting crops that were owned by those corporations, even if the farmers grew the crops they were planting, they had to purchase new seed. Even farmers who did not use those seeds, but the wind blew the modified seeds onto their field, the farmer was liable.
At about 2:51, sounds like either an arbor bolt is slightly loose allowing a blade to creak back and forth against its spacer, OR more likely a bearing is starting to go out... Usually creaking like that is a cracked race in the bearing.

Terrific video! Beautiful drone work! Glad yall got it done!

The old drill proves that you don't necessarily have to have the "latest and greatest" to do the job... older tech still works fine for some jobs.

Later! OL J R :)
How are the tariffs going, beans and corn are doing real good, do you still love your lord and savior trump
Talk about multitasking! Droning and Disking! Or is it discing??? lol
I was always told that you shouldn't turn while your disc is in the ground.
why don't you ever plow? I know y'all chisel plow
man your lucky you dont have any north Dakota we get like 2 snow storms a week
which kamaras are u using for the shots on your implements?
Would it work to pull a harrow directly behind a drill on the same tractor? Or does that get too unwieldy?
Was pretty cool seeing a old 4020 out seeding
Why didnt you guys use the vt?
Why the smaller disk blade on the outside ? See it often.
Great vid! What drone do you have?
how come you do not use 4640 much
Around here I’ve never seen anyone pull a harrow after the grain drill, everyone uses a roller to level up a cover up the seed usually pulled right behind the drill. Why don’t you do that? Just wondering.

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