Gears Of War 3 | War Pigs trailer E3 (2011) XBox 360

Gears Of War 3 | War Pigs trailer E3 (2011) XBox 360

c me pone la piel china cada vez q lo veo :v
This trailer single handedly introduced me to Black Sabbath. Once I got into Black Sabbath I got into music in general, so thanks gow 3 for showing me war pigs
No it's not
greatest 3rd person shooter series in my opinion ever
Gears of War 3 is my favorite game of all time...everything about it screams greatness
holy shit Marcus got a tattoo
Bad ass trailer!
Man I was too hype for this game I had only played gears one with my dad and I would play the shit out of it then i saw this was coming out and I lost my shit. It's still way better than gears judgement and gears 4
dizzy sounds like ozzy
for everyone the song of the video is war pigs
Dont see why people hate on GoW 3, i loved all of the GoW games. But 2 will always be the best.
I miss 2011 and 2012
0:16 anyone notice when those first 2 cogs come in on the frontal shot they're the original gears 1/2 cogs
Let's finish it
WARNING, Their is a locust horde below hating on a brilliant game. For the sake of you're brain cells, do not read.
This remix fucked it up. There was a reason there are no drinks when ozzy outs singing. The added drums and quality ruined it
Black sabbath !!!!!!
this song?
Gears of war is an embarrassment to games

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