G8/P3: Indian Agriculture and industries Part1

G8/P3: Indian Agriculture and industries Part1

if sugarcane production is affected in winter then shift from northern plain to south it is correct reason. Then who it can shift to Punjab/haryana as in winter temp is also less their
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Watch out कौन सी फसल उत्पादन में कौन सा राज्य अग्रणी
(Cropping Patterns in India)
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what is meaning of GDP
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why rice area in eastern that is more than western ghat?
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India is currently producing 22mT pulses, I think 4mT is not a right data.
Based on UN Food And Agriculture Organization statistics for global production from 1993-2013, here are the 10 top tea-producing nations in the world.
5 – Turkey (174,932 tonnes)
4 – Sri Lanka (295,830 tonnes)
3 – Kenya (303,308 tonnes)
2 – India (900,094 tonnes)
1 – China (1,000,130 tonnes)
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