Funniest Animal Fails October 2016 Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

Funniest Animal Fails October 2016 Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

the cat with the can stuck on it's head was asking for help.The people were just laughing.They don't deserve any pets😠
Vcs podem escreve do geito que vcs quiser
I got it, I got it! Um, maybe not..
I like how everyone in the comment section doesn’t care about the people that got hurt and only the animals. I mean, people are animals too. So why not care about people too. Some kids got hurt and I feel bad for them.
lol trois marant
Animal cruelty isn't funny 👎
4:29 could have electrocuted the freaking fish. stupid girl should get electrocuted too.
I feel so bad for laughing at the baby deer 😫😫
2:08 anybody remembers that scene from bambi? Ah...childhood memories.
Seriously...posting videos of animals in people are cruel!
some part of the video isnt funny pooooooor animals 😣😭😭
OMG! Poor Daisy! PMSL!
I love vid where little girls play with bugs and it's mom that freaks! XD
Watching cats fall off shelves = funny
Attaching a cup to your cats head and watch it panic = Not funny
Thank god i watched this there was this one animal funny videos and one of the clips show a deer get hit by a car there was blood on the windscreen lots of it
at 9:02 the damn chicken got revenge!
3:05 It is funny to watch them get into things and see if they can reason their way out but by the time your fuzzy friend is starting to panic intervene and help them out
I love animals. More than I do humans, if I'm honest. Some of y'all are way too sensitive though. None of these animals were really injured, ffs.

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