Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

I shot my pet capuchin ... and ...
Thanks for the video. I bought a full frame because I have money and like to spend it.
Should have used F1.2 on the crop v F1.8 on FF
Subscribed to your channel !!👍
How do you deal with this flat Sony colors. I only shoot with my a6000 in B&W and with my canons in color. I like the Canon colers more. So how do I archive the same nice colors with my a6000.
Thank you for answering.
A more realistic look with a full frame....if that makes any sense but I do see a difference and I totally agree with all you said. Gorgeous model btw!
Please can do with Russian subtitles or voice acting, you do very useful and high-quality lessons, I am sure you would have a lot of viewers with Rossi
I wanna shoot your wife.
omg, this is the best comparising for crop and ff cameras. Thank you man! Your video is great! I wasn't be able to explain people that this doesn't matter, crop or Full frame. Nobody want to work hard to make their shots look great. Thank you!
This is just about the final output. The sensors make a difference during the process of shooting though. Crop sensor requires one to stand further away from the subject to get all the elements they want in the frame. The scene doesn't always permit that luxury.
Guys the only difference is that in the crop sensor your gonna get taxies in your bokah behind your model
Manny do you live in Chicago?
this gets my subscription
Damn shes hot
Nah this is misleading and very confusing. You should've done the same shot in the same position, same lens but different camera. I shoot in a very small studio so I need to see if switching to full frame is going to give me a bigger frame to work within. You've shown how to cheat a full frame look with a cropped
Give me a break. The difference is seen in high res print. A stupid fuckin 1080p video wont show any difference.
did you use a full body camera & fx lens and vice versa ?
I'm about to purchase a 50mm for my nikon d3100 should I get a fx or dx lens ? I'm not sure which one I did some research and my camera is a crop body....
i want to buy a lens for my crop camera to take portraits. Should i buy 50 mm or 35 mm?

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