Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Thanks Manny. You guys make great vids. This is exactly what I was looking for. I will stick to my a6500 and upgrade to a6700. I love the form factor a6500 and I am loathe to upgrade to a bigger heavier camera just because of full frame.
Lenses are great for giving a good shot. Full frame and crop sensor are nothing for me. Those stuffs are depending in lenses you using.
This video helped me a lot to do a decision between a7 MK 2 and a6500... I choosed the a6500... FF lenses are to expensive for an hobby photographer... And I'm happy till today (over one year).
A6500 brilliant quality videography and photography. Prefer the lens 16 1.4 from Sigma 👍🏼
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Color so hot ! but video so cute
Yes, there’s little difference if you’re shooting close range or using zoom. The advantage of having a full frame DSLR is to be able to capture far-distanced landscape and backgrounds in your photo. It’s also advantageous if you are shooting in a room with very limited space.
needed to see this, thanks
All this to save money... But good glass costs a lot more also FF cameras have a wider range of lenses and better lenses full stop.

So your conclusion is glass is more important but the better glass is for FF DSLR's.

I'm a portrait photographer and use a D700 and D810, I also have a Xpro and xt10.

My D700 with 85mm 1.4d is better than my Fuji with its 56mm 1.2.

Everything is held into count FF DSLR is better because:

- bigger boddies with better grip
- better weather sealing
- more lenses to chose
- better battery life
- has the full frame look

Take all that into account a full frame DSLR is a work horse with lots of lenses that you use in harsh weather.

APSC has its purpose with cameras like the D500 for sports and wildlife due to the speed and crop giving you more reach but for landscapes and portrait photography yeah full frame glass is where it's at.
Excellent video! Really could not tell the difference between the aps-c and full frame cameras.
However, what ( perhaps how much...) post production did you do..?

You made Chicago look like it is well worth visiting.
The dynamic range is probably the most important and knowing how to use your camera well enough.
Looking forward to more of your videos.
What LUTs did you use?
Not from my experience. Going from crop to full frame was the biggest step I took in my photography. Image quality, the viewfinder, the controls, the balance, the ruggedness... But basically I agree, If you dont have money to throw at camera equipment, used crop-sensor body and a few lenses is what would I go for at first. I had to go back to crop-sensor for a day after using ff for years... I was appalled how poorer it performed.
You are so right manny
Thank you very much..
Yes ur right I have started investing on L Lense than changing camera. I love u for the video that u have presented. A good info for those who are trying to upgrade to full frame
How is the difference on nature pictures, not portraits?
I don't see much difference on the focused object, only on the background.
nothin more to say than 👍but a lot of people will still buy fullframe and take photos of their cats and dogs 😁
You went over the advantages of FF at 3:34 which pretty much sums it up. I also prefer FF because my 85mm is an 85mm, not a 136mm. My beloved 135 f/2 becomes way too long to be useful on a crop sensor camera. Also, better high ISO and better DOF on a FF and shooting Canon the OVF on the FF cameras are way brighter and and bigger than the crop sensor cameras.
The bokeh is more pronounced on the full frame.
Another reason the A9 has more detail is because it has no AA filter
Full frame you stop down to get equivalent depth of field of a crop on a bigger f stop, giving you a bit of an edge in the bokeh and sharpness. Full frame has better low light performance but both work well

Might get an A6300 or A6500 for video

Oh btw it’s a bit misleading when you say 2000 dollar vs 6000 since stuff like A7ii is lower than 2000

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