Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Yes.. crop sensor images are a little darker or contrasty..
Great and very informative video for those who are are new!
The difference is snob value, full frame is still perceived to be better than APSC, but it simply isn't, I have sold all my Sony A7riii gear and kept my Nikon D500, but the Fuji Xt3 is on my radar.
Thank you SO much! You just saved me from and expensive mistake!
I needed to see this today!!
Thanks for that man I really got discouraged because I didn’t have a full frame camera but I will use what I have and see what I get
Question on background compression.

Say I shot with an 85mm on full frame, and then shot another with an 85mm equivalent on a crop sensor body, 53.13mm using a zoom lens (Canon). Does the crop factor affect the background compression?
Is 35 mm f1.8 Sony lens a good lens for the Sony a6000 camera ? What other lenses would you recommend for it? Mostly for travelling and portrait.. thanks.
The difference between APSC (crop) and full frame (35mm) is MUCH more noticeable when the distance to your subject decreases.
Señor Ortiz. You are inspirational. Thank you.
Who cares about ISO 100 in perfect conditions? I can shoot with a potatoe and it looks good.
Now do indoor portraits or wedding ceremony in a dark church at ISO 6400.
I upgraded from a 600D to a 6D and and the difference is so drastic that its not comparable. The 6D at ISO 6400 looks like ISO 1600 on the 600D.
ISO 25600 on the 6D looks about the same as ISO 6400 on the 600D.
Say what you want, an APSC camera is always a crippled camera because it is cropped and it doesnt have the real focal length it should have.
A real camera was always 35mm since decades.
Thing is I can't afford a 2000$ camera.
Thank you, you saved me a lot of money.👍👍👍
I see the difference, but I don't see the value proposition for the average consumer. I don't get why people think they need a $5K+ Full Frame camera to take "high quality" photos when 99% of them probably don't even know how to maximize the potential. A crop sensor camera is good enough for 99% of photographers because only 1% of them actually have the legitimate skills and knowledge to make the absolute best use of the benefits. I don't consider myself the most amazing photographer, but considering I'm simply a hobbyist photographer I still managed to take a shot like this - https://flic.kr/p/EmZ1XS - with my Canon Rebel SL2...a very entry level crop sensor camera AND kit lens mind you!
Can a full frame turn my girlfriend into a model shown in the video?
1 year later and I think this video is very relevant. Sony should be dropping a high in APS-C. It will be in my Budget to upgrade. Manny when it gets released, if you can get your hands on it do you mind do a re vap of this video. @mannyortiz #a7000
I am not a Sony guy. I use Canon. I bought this Canon EOS 1Ds (considered as Professional Digital series camera), Full Frame on eBay for $260. The image result is excellent in detail.
Thanks a lot.
So glad I found this video! I was stressing so much about having to buy a full frame! 🙏🏼
Barely any difference? Dude...take 30 seconds and actually look at the details of the photos. It isn't worth 4 thousand dollars to get those few details. But their absolutely are differences.

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