Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

I am a beginner photographer and a little bit tight on the budget, therefore, I bought a Nikon D3500 a crop sensor DSLR camera, I have clicked many portraits and landscape with it. Well, I am perfectly ok with it as of now it gets the job done pretty well! Now my question is, whether a cropped sensor camera is good for now?
The only reason I would want to go full frame, as a Sony shooter, a lot of the good glass is made for full frame (except for the Sigma menage a trois of APS-C primes).
such a good video - you're addressing all my doubts on whether to upgrade to full frame or not :) thanks mate
So its NOT really what the title says.
There is clear difference. Lot of more detail on the full frame. Pay attention on her face and the background bokeh.
Dude! This is awesome advice! I came across your channel....like an hour ago and love everything you have done so far. This is great advice for someone like me that is literally just starting out. Keep up the good work Manny!
Your thumb nail.
I like the crop sensor image more.
It's all bullshit... how many people have taken an image with both systems other than a YouTube video? Probably no one . If I showed you any images from my own workflow you would never be able to tell me what I've used. It's all bollocks
you da man'
This is a very nice video Manny! It is simple and clear with great music as well! Thank you for the time and effort you put into making it. Can you make a video on Composition like what how you compose a photo whenever you look through the view finder?
Thanks for the help man
theres a lot more nicer lenses for full frame
very convincing
Full frame is better, I have a 7d which I love and still own, but recently got the 5d iv and honestly it’s so much better shooting with full frame, especially in low light, you can push the iso so high and still get crisp shots. I told myself for years it didn’t matter but that was only because I couldn’t afford a full frame at the time.
Actually, in many cases, I preferred the crop sensor result!
Which camra you use in this vedio
Full frame + cheap Lens vs Crop + Expensive Lens ??? Always is much better to have the second one...the lens are more important than the camera
A Video that says "size don't Matter" nice 😂👌
When you got a beautiful model it doesn't matter the camera. Hollywood has been making great pictures for over 100 years. Look at actresses/actors of that era. The wow factor has been around way before dslrs.
ofc fullframe has better detail, 24 mpx on fullframe aint the same 24 mpxl on crop ,they are not the same size pixels i guess

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