FTT (S4) - "The Three Little Pigs" pt.4/5

FTT (S4) - "The Three Little Pigs" pt.4/5

The wolf don't like female pigs. He love the male pigs. Pigs disappear all the time. My sister name is Nadean. Let's all let ourselves out!
0:45-0:49 When someone gets something weird for their birthday
I'm surprised at how cool Jeff Goldblum as Buck Wolf is here!
Is this child friendly
4:45 - 4:47 😂😂😂😆😆😆 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
This movie scared me as a kid, I am forever tormented.
Since this is the part where his house gets blown in, this seems like the appropriate point to say rest in pace to Stephen Furst, who just died the other day at age sixty two from a case of diabetes.
what the fuck bro
were watching this in music class
jeff goldblum rocked it!
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Very good
ALRIGHT PIGS SHOW YOUR YOUR FACES! This is Ridiculous disapearing pigs. Aidin is gona kill me.
Novo Uno
Jeff Goldblum as his Goldblum-isms is just glorious here
Is this kid friendly

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