From Moo to You: The Story of Milk

From Moo to You: The Story of Milk

So, where do the male babies go? >:)
Necklaces, earrings, daycare?? Talking to dairy consumers like the fools they are
Where's the boy baby cows then??
People aren't mindless idiots!!A cow has to be made pregnant give birth and have their baby taken from them.
Drinking milk and eating veal. Yum!!!
4:51 that's a good reference for the food the eat
I wish all cows were treated like this but no...
thank you! it really helps me🙂
What a load of bullshit. PROPAGANDA. Stop indoctrinating children!!! :(
F...k off stupid vegans. Cows and all other animals ARE and always will be for eating, u stupid vegans enjoy chewing grass. These YUMMY calfs, one day gonna be big cows and gonna end up in my mouth
Releas them all you fuckings monsters die in hell
I'm totally not against cow farming. I live on a homestead myself but this just comes off as propaganda 🤣
Cow's milk is meant for baby cows, not for humans!
This is actually disgusting the back story of how your milk gets on your table is horrible plz do t do this to the animals
So they separate the calf from the mother to feed it "colostrum" which is basically milk that comes from a cow that just had a baby? What the fuck? Why not just leave it with the mom then?
i dont know much but i KNOW cows should never eat CORN... i pay extra money for grass fed cow meat milk itc...
These all are lye they said they don't hurt their cow then what about dehoring what about male calf they kill it this is not hurting it all lie
Fake as fuck lmao
Nice vid. I drink alot of milk!
milk is treated through heat which alters its composition. Depending on the season and whether indoors or outdoor fed blueing agents as in laundry detergent to make whites whiter is used to improve the colour. Bleach is also added to milk to both enhance its colour and disinfect to a certain extent. Pasteurisation does not completely kill the bacteria now found in milk. In addition heifers are regularly given medication during pregnancy and when they contract certain diseases including mastitis. Its well known that antibiotics and hormones transfer into human breast milk which is why breast feeding whilst on medications in some circumstances is not advised. In bovine applications this is ignored in the most part. Hormones and chemicals excreted through the mammary glands in both humans and cattle is released into the milk. its unavoidable. There is a known causal link between milk and Tuberculosis and other diseases including breathing allergies just google it and check the FDA and cdc websites for further info.
Stop lyin. You ppl Are lyin. U torture these cows

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