From fables to labels: Urvashi Rangan at TEDxManhattan

From fables to labels: Urvashi Rangan at TEDxManhattan

We aren't all vegetarians or vegan. I for one eat meat....its a choice. Ah to be American and have choices. Great talk Urvashi!
Feeding her son her son hot dogs instead of healthier plant based foods. Guess she doesn't mind increasing the threat in her own son for pancreatic cancer, and other meat related diseases. Hard to find her credible when she is part of the problem, not the holistic solution. Better to see anything by  Colleen Patrick-Gourdreau, Michele Simon, or Dr. Michael Greger. Their information has no double standard.
How about a label that states, "this animal died in agony and witnessed it's cell mates do the same."
sadder than fraudulent labels is such disrespect for hens that are butchered by the billions, this woman  mentions that they were used as bowling objects. If the group used frozen puppies, everyone would be horrified, but we have all been assimilated to consider the Wild Jungle Foul, as a human commodity. This IS the mind set that needs changing. She really misses the deeper and more holistic view of animals as having their own right to life.
Most interesting! Thank you very much! ~0;-)
Monsanto's gettin' nervous at our blindfolds slowly coming off.
What about "No Preservatives added" label , does it mean something good? can we realy on it?
Why does this video keep stopping? Bet someone doesn't want us to see this! Americans better wake up and smell the GMO's!
I was going to click onto another video, but I'm glad I didn't. This is an interesting talk on issues we take for granted on a daily basis. Thank you Urvashi. Thank you for re-educating and raising awareness to the general public about the pathetic marketing strategies to sell us food.

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