Foster Farms TV -- Heist

Foster Farms TV -- Heist

Best spine tingling adventure shoot ever! Terri Hardin here and I've played the Foster Farms Passenger along with my "wingman" Rick Lazzorini since the beginning. This was shot on the roof of the then L.A.Times Building downtown Los Angeles. The pyramid the chickens are standing on is NOT a set but the real deal and stands 15 feet above the roof and 25 feet above the floor below. Yes we are working our chickens by standing on the spines that hold the panes of glass in the pyramid. We did have harnesses on and I love heights so I had the time of my life. However does anyone really think this is what they will be doing when they dream of being a puppeteer? .
"If we can get out hands on the human stamp, we can convince everyone that we are 100% natural"

This commercial basically just pointed out how easy it is to trick people with a meaningless stamp. I say meaningless because Foster Farms does not deserve that title. The chicken are abused and raised in very crowded and unsanitary conditions. Oh but I'm sure in the eyes of a human that is normal, huh.

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