Foster Farms Commercial - Springing a Leak

Foster Farms Commercial - Springing a Leak

what year is the commercial from 2009 or 2010
Terri Hardin here and I've played the Foster Farms Passenger along with my "wingman" Rick Lazzorini since the beginning. Doing this one we had to think a little out of the box, so Rick is inside our chicken passenger and I'm actually hiding behind the massive body to work the head. A fun fact for this commercial: The lady pushing the cart was in an earlier Foster Farms commercial (not shown here). It was great tow work with her again.
Woah, you sprung a leak!

hahahhaa! XD
i remember this commercial when I was five and I died laughing when it played on TV
I hate those chick a
He's a plumper! He's a plumper! LMFAO!
I love this commercial
I want the music soundtrack. lol

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