Forestry Mod Tutorial - Part 1 | Farming (Minecraft 1.7.10)

Forestry Mod Tutorial - Part 1 | Farming (Minecraft 1.7.10)

there is changes between this version and the 1.12??
do people trust this mod and download for just a computer pc? Also is it worth the trust of possible harm to computer?
If you set the speed to the lowest setting eventually you will hear paper turning in the background, lol. Either way making content isn’t easy to make.
Awesome tutorial! Just talk a little faster and its all good, +1! ty
Excellent video, very clear and easy to listen to for a newbie. Your chill voice etc. Is also more enjoyable than other MC youtubers I've listened to.
Thank you for breaking my eardrums lol. It was helpfull tho
Thanks for not having a microphone that sucks. Or a sleepy voice. Well made tutorial.
very complicated but so interesting and love how you do it well done
They added this to mcpe - it's nice: the port is kinda rough though there's missing textures. I'm running this with 4 other PC to mcpe ports it's like a whole new game! Thanks for videos there's a lot to learn
Good work, but the way you speak can distract from the message you are trying to convey. If you are reading off a script, stop until you can read faster. Memorize the video, its a bitch, but it makes the quality alot better.
Let's start the tutorial series with literally a real expensive part of the mod... waste of time. Nice time start from the beginning of the mod.
Does the plants still need sun?
Is there a limit to how big a farm can plant and harvest? Does a larger farm(the multi block) allow for more crops?
Your voice is so smooth lol
A great vid, but you pronounced Humus wrong. It is pronounced "Hyoo-mus". The spread, spelled Hummus, is pronounced the way you said it.
am i dumb or he really didnt mention most of crafting recipies and where to get fertilizer...
helpful, clear, nice, thanks
why do you


You talk in such an odd way, it is fucking mesmerizing!

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