FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

Weird you say?
Hold my beer!

Give back my beer!
I thought this was gonna be a horror game cuase of the thumbnail
We need a series
This is better than Fortnight ( pretty sure it's spelt differently but I don't care )
hi :)
But most farmers have a REAL shotgun
I'm good at it and it's really fun
Hi I'm so far better than any one I met so boot me up Hope And Faith pls add to vid I'm been a sub to the start pls invite me as friend I'm level 45
Hill billy

Go at em wankars
btw im exploding pidgion
You are getting better Markiplier, look at your team’s score.
Markiplier’s new game score record in Shotgun Farmers: 10
It has a Overwatch feel to it.
you can plant by shooting your gun at the dirt
this comment is gonna get an unnecessary amount of likes
I don't have to imagine myself as a country bumpkin because I am a country bumpkin.
mark you can't sniper with a corn gun

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