FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

Mark: walks by cow
Also Mark: oh ho go I’m milking it”

Pun intended?
90% of comments: crop-related puns
10% of comments: farm people confirming that "this is how they spend their free time"
bro the cringe is real.
Thanks so much for playing Shotgun Farmers when it first came out! That means a lot! We'll be leaving Early Access very soon!
Ok ok ok... I’ve got an amazing idea for a game. Hear me...


...But it’s Veggie Tales!
DBZ fans know why Shotgun Farmer is the best. :P
I played this put it up on my channel creator of the game comments in the first day of uploading
Feel like the Shotgun should be called the Cobgun...
Tf2 in a nutshell
That actually looks fun XD
If Mark were a king, this would be his royal style: Mark Edward I, King of the Squirrels, King of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Lord of Wumpage, Lord of Happy Wheels, and Duke of Chica
Play tf2
over kill much?
Corn is hell...
Dbz farmer with a shotgun simulator
Tomato grenade
I'm sitting here listening him do that wierd accent and then I laugh realizing how ridiculous it is
You remember me in office freakout? Yeah? Yes its me and my madness is still here

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