FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

FOOD FIGHT!! | Shotgun Farmers

ohhhh fuuuuck... i was the gravityking guy.. i kileld mark without knowing.. IM SO SORRY!!
Pubg beta testing
I know this is a little old at this point, but you should try to get Jack, Bob, & Wade together for a game of this! That'd make a great co-op video!
if markiplier meets vanoss the god of shotgun farmers
Plz play more this game is funny
Is that a Game Grumps reference I heard?
Was this the first version of fortnight?
Better than Call of Duty, but just as fun as Overwatch to me.
I wonder if any of these people realized they were playing with / against Mark?
bruh mark is lowkey hella good at FPS
Weird you say?
Hold my beer!

Give back my beer!
I thought this was gonna be a horror game cuase of the thumbnail
We need a series
This is better than Fortnight ( pretty sure it's spelt differently but I don't care )
hi :)
But most farmers have a REAL shotgun

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