Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Foo Fighters with Zac Brown - War Pigs Cover Late Show with Letterman 10/13/2014

Foo Fighters with Zac Brown - War Pigs Cover Late Show with Letterman 10/13/2014

Aaaaand welcome to every foo's show
One long fun jam session, with awesome covers thrown in.
Damn ... Taylor nailed it
Song is more than relevant these awful days
That is the most metal thing ive seen for a minute
Set of teeth playing drums. Cool.
Crap Brown... super overrated. Short, little, fat tool bag.
Hand of God has struck the hour.......Day of judgement God is calling...... Love the song but you forgot these lines.
It's like a free jazz session... just for metal heads :P
Zac Brown and Dave Grohl on the same stage. This is awesome!
Thry fucking kill it.. Next to Faith No Mores version this is next best.. Foo Fighters are such a well oiled machine..
At songs conclusion Lucifer sat on his throne and with a smile he pronounced, “My work is done”.
remembers the ly rics about as well as ozzy I see
Faith No More Live At Brixton the definitive version
Pure Fucking Class.
Thank you Lord for Black Sabbath
Taylor Hawkins is Dave Grohl's clone with his hair dyed blonde so we wouldn't notice.
Great Song and nice job on it sounded great. BUT Do it twice and get it right! The last verse is the best and NOT the 1st verse repeated! When God steps in and makes it right. It makes the song complete i do not watch 3/4 of a movie I like or drink 3/4 of a drink I like. OR Do 3/4 of scoring a hot girl I like. (I might not be invited to do her twice and I do get invited when I did it right.) I do do her twice + ? because I DID IT RIGHT <(:</)
Zac looks bored with no energy compared to The Foo Fighters.

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