Foo Fighters with Zac Brown - War Pigs Cover Late Show with Letterman 10/13/2014

Foo Fighters with Zac Brown - War Pigs Cover Late Show with Letterman 10/13/2014

That was good...this is good, too...!!!
oops, wrong zakk
This is why TV is dying... You should never have to shorten a masterpiece such as this to fit into a half hour show thats punctuated with about 12 minutes of commercials... Also, is that Tony Hawk on the flying V???
odd man out zac! and Dave's vocal! LOL
mediocre at best. at best.
Wait... where's the solo?
I kept waiting for Taylor Hawkins to really cut it loose on those fills, but he kind of kept them simple....what's up with that?
fucking amazing
That drummer kicks ass, that made it worth a listen,
You’d think at least one of them would take a minute and learn the lyrics and the proper phrasing. The energy was good but still.
Lyrics fucked up hard on this one....
I was at this taping, randomly got tickets with my wife, was awesome
2:08 Lars Ulrich?
Also look up war pigs faith no more.
what a masterpiece. thumbs down???? idiots!
How many guitars do you need to cover Tony Ionni?

4 apparently.

And yet only one bass to cover Geezer?
Awesome cover! They even admitted themselves they love to do rock covers songs but it gets hard after 30 seconds!
its 2019 and im just seeing this.fucking youtube commercials blocked me
awesome full guitar sound
fucking up the lyrics a lil' bit country boy..

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