Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Fluffball the Guinea Pig Mega Yawn - Sleepy Cute Yawning!

Fluffball the Guinea Pig Mega Yawn - Sleepy Cute Yawning!

Oml my guinea pig has the same thing on her head 😃😄
This it tiger
0:48 yawn
I didn’t know they meant they were tired.
I though my little guy was sad.
If I have a heart attack of cuteness it’s ur fault!!!
Mine stretch and yawn...
Be lost without my 2 boys
Your GuineaPig is so handsome!

Yes I know it might be a girl but handsome sounds better
My guinea pig yawned 3 times a day before when I had her out
OMG! So cuuuuuuuutee!!! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Acesta este primul episod pe care îl văd pe canalul tău dar am dat 👍 subscribe și deja m-am abonat și am apăsat pe clopoțel! Continua sa faci filmulete cu GUINEEA PIG!
God I love guinea pigs so much! So cute. I have a black white and gold one
Cute 🐹!!!!!!!!!!!!
my guinea pig is small and hunched up then she yawns stretches out her whole body and falls asleep
I love it when they look so relaxed ❤
This video should be illegal. It could cause a cuteness overload. I swear I almost died. That lil piggy is sooooooo cute! 😍
Yawn at 0:45 XD sorry
soo cute im geting a new pig his name will be cotten
Which Nine Losers Dislike This Yawn? Obviously Haven't
Yawned In Their Life! 🦄
Too. Cute. I. Want. Him.
From what I know, guinea pigs love being scratched in between their eyes (I have one) and they hate being scratched on their back or near the buttocks

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