Florida Family Ranch - Ranching Round-Up: America's Heartland

Florida Family Ranch - Ranching Round-Up: America's Heartland

Beautiful ranch
اكو عرب بالفيدو😂
When one thinks of a ranch, Florida definitely isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Thank you for sharing this amazing geographical and agricultural alternative!
My dream very beautiful!!!
Debían de sembrar unas 40 hectáreas de sandia en esa granja

Bueno que ande tener mucho dinero estos americanos

Me gustaría trabajar ahí
God Bless Florida
Ranch on the land stolen from the indigenous Indians . SHIVOHUM .
Dear Real State person: I have a product I know can be of benefit for many local land owners because it can immediately increase the value of the land.
One horse-power is by convention the same as 746 Watts of electricity, 2 685 600 watts per hour…or the same as energy saving in more than 190 000 U.S. dollars per month. Here it is how and I will build the entire thing with capacity to provide the 100 percent of your kilowatts needs by using animal force (horses, cows, even ponies and pigs) Contact me and let me know if interested.
Bring those horses that can only walk at slow pace; bring the cows that produce only a lesser percentage of milk or bring virtually any pork or anything “Veterinary” with a desirable mass and gait. This is like an exercise machine for them.
nice vid any gators in them ponds?
Beautiful. Start using these horses to generate hydrogen locally...the barns become local "energy companies" with around 2 megawatts equivalency per hour...per horse ready for all sorts of tractors and agricultural machinery. Contact me if you want to know how. This is free for farmers personal use but not to sell the energy or the hydrogen outside of a franchise opportunity partnership with Zoo-Mechanics, Inc.201-210-1392
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Holistic Management anyone?
Hi, Mr. Adams. My name is Maximo Gomez Nacer and I am promoting the system to generate very significant amounts of hydrogen by using cattle. The system can generate more income in one month by generating clean fuel out of water than by selling the meat in the most expensive restaurant. I can put the first hydrogen generation machine in your ranch before the beginning of 2018. Please let me know if interested. Thank you. Dr. Nacer.
Yo quiero vivi ayyyyy
I grew up on an 80 acre ranch in Lake County. So many ranches are being sold for developments. I hope to see the ranches of Florida last for many many, years to come!
Yes, llovey and Beautiful Cattle farm....... Kick off....'Make America Great Again..."

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