Here's my one and only. An I'll tempered woman with a destructive personality.
You can start with almost nothing in bees. The rest is for people with inheritances.
CSA?????? bring it down my friend.. lol
Reason Number #5 just be like water.
SJW's are their own worst enemy and very Ill-conceived
Great video I am currently on 1 1/2 acres of land in Florida, and it's hard to find farmer videos for my region I live within an hour of the University of Florida so I plan to do some soil tests and see what I need to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to grow in North Central Florida that can withstand the hot months? Our local crops around here that I see commercial farms do is peanuts corn and watermelon, so I am trying to stay away from those.
You're working with logic through the existence of Satan's corrupt system vs they way it would be under a Divine System. Satan's way is full of traps and failure. He does not want you to succeed.
I don't want to have a commercial farm. I want a small farm community. With full or beyond allodial title. With Oaklahoma land rush giving, away stolen native american land back to the general population of the United States.
In the bible it was almost impossible to lose your land under the Mosaic Law. They had even beyond allodial title. The government never owned/stole your land. Further more the earth isn't what it used to be as far as production goes. If no one can take your land under any reason, then you can spend your time 'learning the land' and have some one else in your family making money, under a traditional system. But this evil devil worshiping nazi/commi the united states of america hates the fact of individuals having absolute title to the land. They need slaves, and slaves never really have such a permanent title to anything. I won't explain why this situation exists, it would take to long, nor would every believe in the source material for my arguments (Bible). So I won't explain it. But killing this evil government along with all other 'standing in way' elements of Satan's system, with direct divine rule will allow 'the righteous one to blossom'.
Good information, most is common sense if critical thinking cap is in place. Thank you Curtis
And then there are those who start their farm at 60. Wooohooo!
"All aboot bootstrapping." T-SHIRTS!
Great info! I’m not looking to become a commercial farmer, but my great grandparents owned a farm, and I have always wanted to have a mini farm. Not so much to make my income, but enough to sustain family, and if I am growing enough, sell at farmers markets. My question is, because I never knew my great grandparents to ask them, where would be the best place for me to start for learning the ropes?
This video could have been shorter.
Social justice farmers XD what stupid cunts. SJWism doesnt have a serious cause btw. Its just totalitarianism pretending to be manners. FUCK them.
This is Brilliant advice! Thank you for sharing. Liked and Subbed. looking forward to watching some more of your Vids. :)
can you send the links to the other videos you referred to in order to avoid failure in this business
Excellent content and wise advice.

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