FENDT Tractors Mowing, Merging & Hauling

FENDT Tractors Mowing, Merging & Hauling

laying it down !
the BEST drone farming footage I ever seen! good job!
I like the grey color on the fendt, still wish they would do away with the red wheels
a lovely video, great filming.
WOW how many tons did that field yield that must have been some massive tonnage
Good video again! Is this the farm's color scheme, or does Fendt have a new one for N.A.?
thanks for the video keep up the great work!
Great video good to see FENDT
Nice to see Fendt Tractors in the USA! :)
nice video!
no sound?
Nice Video.
Fendt <3
Fendt power
First time I have seen Fendt's in the USA
Where was this video taken?

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