Feeding Cattle in the USA (Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus parody)

Feeding Cattle in the USA (Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus parody)

Let’s get farmer Derek to 100k subscribers
Nice farmer derek
So, you could say, he is a CORN-STAR?
i actually want to know why this isn't viral
Feeding cattle in the usa
Thanks, what are you on? I want some. 😊🍄
don't like the hat.
I like your vidos
I'm sharing with some Colorado Farmers/Ranchers!!! You Rock!!! You really are great, Thank you so much for doing videos!
Great songs!
PS: I love a great steak! Thank you!!
You are good enough to deserve voice lessons. I really like your energy, your creativity,your message, and your voice.............with a voice coach you could NAIL THIS!!! :) :) :) Do it!!!
You could take this from cute and fun to goose bumps. From cute to OMG!!
i really like this song
...and the cows
Wow, cool hat like that makes me think I shoulda gone to KState too! Great song, much improved over the original artist's version!
what brand an model is that bale shredder

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