Clark Harris Womens Jersey  FASTEST Faction Token Farm! Renown Guide [Destiny 2]

FASTEST Faction Token Farm! Renown Guide [Destiny 2]

Pleiades Corrector IS dropping update from my rampage video!
So confusing. I'm new to this faction rally, and in season four there were none....
Idk why but for me I'm not getting any faction tokens or the renown during public events why could that be?
FWC is the only way to go
Hey guys, I'm new to d2 and I don't know much ... I was getting renown when completed events but now I can't get renown anymore, why?
How to get renown again?
I was dead orbit but fwc won this time so ... now I can't get renown anymore? Or the "season" of leveling up faction is over?
How many days the season last?
Damn I just saw this today! I grinded to 51 for New Monarchy last season-mostly on Earth. This video will make this rally so much easier! Thank you
I once get 25 tokens after I open that lost sector chest with the milestone 7x increase token and with full set faction gear
I’m honestly getting a little sick of this I am level 23 fwc and I have yet to get the helmet for it. All I want is the full gear set that’s all I want. With work and other things I have it’s going to be impossible without it
just curious why does your character keep doing the rift animation?
Where did you get your power weapon it just so powerful
That’s 252 every hour (give or take)
what about the objects you can shoot in the lost sectors. I shot all of them, killed the boss, and got 25 tokens. Can anyone else see if this works, it only happened to me once
Dont forget the dailies with 3 characters. That's an easy 60 or tokens in 10min or so
As someone who just finished this, can confirm this is easily the best method. Way faster than any other patrol zone or activity. Will be using this for the other two catalysts as well.
Good job!
Nice strat.
Thanks man... i feel like u simplified it. Subbed.
Excellent video! Thank you very much
Goin to get some with a synthicep arc Juggernaut . Do It!
I like Mercury the best. Everything there gives 2 Renown with full armor, and I get 10 tokens every 5 minutes solo.
Fwc garbo

56470 | 1250 | 6m 30s

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