FARMS AND FRIENDS! | Stardew Valley

FARMS AND FRIENDS! | Stardew Valley

Your small amount of knowledge is irritating... calling Pierre’s “the saloon” is wrong 😂 the saloon sells beer and food! And don’t you DARE buy things from JojaMart... they’re the devil. Just a much more expensive version of Pierre’s, don’t bother. Not only that, it’s further away. Just don’t. Morris is a scam in himself, not just his company, him. JojaCola is literally considered trash in this game.
what if the famine happens with the potatoes
The fact you're buying your stuff from Joja Mart is killing me Jack... they're somehow more expensive than Pierre, and you moved to Pelican Town to get away from them!!! Also please keep making these videos, they're fun!!
Dude come on it been like a year since you released this episode WE WANT A PART TWO also those moving lines in the ground hit them with the hoe and it will give you clay
Please do more of this
whem jack said it sounded like a closin door my dog opened my door and scred me shitless
I knew you had played this!
Anyway I have been thinking about buying this game lately... It looks awesome! 😸
Sees that he went to joja first, immediately leaves video
Jack you need to continue this series :(
Pls make more
Jack please continue this
28 people?! Dafaq
-Jacksepticeye 2016
I wish he kept playing, at least streamed it on Twitch maybe. I want to know who he would've married lol
Do moreee
Morris reminds me of jontron
those modern day marts and their VATs !!. I prefer the good old fashioned General Stores for my seeds.
I know I name for the character did farmer Jack
Jack this game has multiplayer now
I’m so sad he ended this here

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