Farming Simulator - Nintendo Switch Edition - Is It Worth It? | 8-Bit Eric

Farming Simulator - Nintendo Switch Edition - Is It Worth It? | 8-Bit Eric

Get it on Xbox instead, there are no mods.... FS with no mods is painful
Did he just call a tractor a truck? Lol
I’m actually going to head out soon and buy a Switch and get this game.... I’ve been playing this on PC since its been out. It’s surprisingly addicting
Farmer = cowboy? Oh boy, all these Yankees... Come to the South, let us show you the difference.
Looks as retarded as cooking mama
Make a turtorial how to draw a penis on the ground
By the way it autocorrected from noob to boob sorry,
I'm from the country and I own all of their games and you got 99.0% wrong about this games and by the way you plow every three harvest just for starts I've done way more and u r a boob. Not trying to be mean but its true. Good review though I like it. 😉👍👌 reply if you want to know hacks for any console.
city sucks. Fortnite sucks. GTAV sucks. All other games sucks. but Farming sim 17 does Not. suck. Drawing penises in the fields? WTH. Im Like A farmer but an Horse Farmer We have an tractor. And i Can say Farming life Is what anyone wants. Playing fortnite the hole day and your mother says. Girly Voice Go outside. Then Grab your bike en get on the fields. Go explore the nature thats like an game Go outside Go around every where. If you play fortnite for 24 hours then your eyes will Fall out. so get on your bike en go outside.
What sort of maps do they have??, no one is talking about it, i dont suppose it has any canadian maps eh? (even tho we are one of the north american countries) & it says they have NA maps lol everyone haant mentioned Canada anything😐 Most of our area is rural country with farms lol, and we have a big business with it! probably more than any other country and its weird we arent mentioned in it at all, seems like we deserve to be in it, and again were left out.

Heres alittle farm fact for ya : We are the largest producers of soybeans and dairy.
U can’t get mods
it's not only on a field working it's much more
PS2 era graphics? ever played a ps2? try again
Draw penises in crops. Like really
Battle Royale mode?
filth monger comment made me stop watching - forever! Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day according to The Scriptures. Repent and put your trust in Jesus alone to get you to Heaven.
Looks like FS17
So should I buy the PC version or the Switch version?
U haven't even seen a real corn feild
I have it for the pc, but I want to play it daily, should I buy it?

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