Farming Simulator - Nintendo Switch Edition - Is It Worth It? | 8-Bit Eric

Farming Simulator - Nintendo Switch Edition - Is It Worth It? | 8-Bit Eric

This a simulator guys. Remember that. it not suppose to be action packed. You are a farmer who does farming shit. Simple as that. Don't expect anything else.
no mirrors
Modern slavery simulator
I liked how you added the free roaming chaos part to the review.
Looks like shovelware, shovelware that has been ported from the PC, to be honest.
I find it funny, most people who play farming simulator usually get the most fun when they aren't farming. I recommend buying a farming simulator game on PC for modding and playing multiplayer with your friends. There are joke vehicles and so on with mods. You really only need to buy 1 game on PC and never really need to buy the sequels unless you are dedicated. Most people only buy 2013 because it is the most popular one with more mods. I recommend buying 2013 when it is on a sale.
the game is always worth it if you like it if you dont like it isnt worth it
1:46 Did he just call it a truck? WHAT THE TRUCK!
Is there mods?
it`s a bi-annual release no annual.... only has 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017
I like this game and it is realistic because I live on a farm
drawing penises a brings a whole new meaning to corn on the cob LOL
I find farm sim to be a very good what Id call a "podcast game", something very simple for your hands and eyes to do and keep you a bit more alert if you're listening to a podcast or orher radio/news program without distracting you from whatever you're listening to.
Eric are the hired workers illegal aliens?
you say this game is a yearly installment, so which year is this one?
Actually, the game comes out Bi Annually.
It's so obvious you know fuck all about farming...
15 is best
Do they have the mods on the switch version like the console versions?
When does the farming end and the killing begin? I like a healthy does of murder in my games.

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