Farming Simulator 2015 lets play baling hay

Farming Simulator 2015 lets play baling hay

What platform are you using
That's straw duh
hey you guyes are awsome
sorry for your lost
How do you get mods for Xbox one
Not supposed to bale with duals
your grandma is in a better place now. im so sorry for your loss.
do you come from the deep south or something?? i can hardly understand ur english
where in upstate new york are ou im in lisbon
Oh but on mine there isn't tracks
How is there tracks on the ground is it a mod?
when using round bale why is it when i try to store them they vanish after so long and how do u get modifications on the xbox360 version?
is the new holland a mod with twin wheels
are you useing mods
Nice video

is the dirt and mud  affect part of the game?
That's straw
In the beginning i thought it was your REAL aunt who died, and i was like :(
thats straw not hay :P
Nice video

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