Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Espero q esse tenha uma música tema boa igual o 15 hahahah
Putain de merde j'ai trop hâte qu'il sorte
русские даров))
Is there radio station in the game
John Deere OMG IT IS COOL!!!!!!!
Why did they make this trailer so intense?
Fs19 loanch data
28 września 2018 jest premiera fs19
Grey wheels? Could be mf
Too bad
I wish this video game ready
O think the tractor its massey ferguson
Fs 19 tractor is John Derre 8400R 😜🤩
inşallah 2 tane harita sunmassınız fs 17 de olduğu gibi it herifler azcık harita eklersiniz umarım
0:23 Looks like JOHN DEERE!
Will it have a Battle Royale Mode?
Songs name is electric worry by Clutch

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