Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

vai krl lamça logo ta mo ancioso
You are not even able to add gearbox or three point hitch controls
It’s a amazing
la date de sortie et prevue pour quant exactement svp
Eu pensei q eles tinham filmado o cara e o cão dae eu vi q era o gráfico espetacular mesmo seria legal se eles fizesem um grafico assim no jogao tbm nao so no traler kkkk
This shit look better then black ops 4
Upgrade egine , poor fucks ... I am suck and tired of ALWAYS THE FLAT GROUNDS , GET A DECENT ENGINE . I bought every game , and we get nothing in return ... Give me a solid reason why you wont change the engine .... ??? Its 2018 . And the ground is FLAT !!!!! ALWAYS !!!
It is look like a far cry 5)
Vai ter pra celular
Add John Deere brand for so many years I m in farming and I still do not see this brand in farming 2019 has to be a specific game with specific machine brands
I hope we get to see the john deere&class
Im gonna farm farming hard
Quero uma kym
Quero uma kym
when is it out
Its in android and what is releasing date

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