Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Fs19 loanch data
28 września 2018 jest premiera fs19
Grey wheels? Could be mf
Too bad
I wish this video game ready
O think the tractor its massey ferguson
Fs 19 tractor is John Derre 8400R 😜🤩
inşallah 2 tane harita sunmassınız fs 17 de olduğu gibi it herifler azcık harita eklersiniz umarım
0:23 Looks like JOHN DEERE!
Will it have a Battle Royale Mode?
Songs name is electric worry by Clutch
they need a crop duster
FINALLY JOHN DEERE!!!!!!!!¡!!¡!!¡!!!
Spoiler alert : John Deere is in FS19
I see yellow rims and green body to that tractor!!! JOHN DEER
Clutch electric worry... THE song of Left 2 Dead 2... After zombie... Farming Simulator ! 😂😂😂
pleas version demo???
Hype hype!!!!!!

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