Farming Simulator 17 - Most Valuable Crop Award

Farming Simulator 17 - Most Valuable Crop Award

NNooooo no soy pleeaase!
I’m thanking you again man you’ve helped me so much in the past 24 hours. But I have a question how do I plant different things. Like how do you get the seeds for different crops
I'm back in this game after a looonnng break. This time my goal is variety. I've never played a game over 6 weeks straight without burnout, so that's just me. I just bought the small field right across from the sawmill and planted trees, and I plan to do cows and maybe sheep. I'm definitely going to add this to my mix. Thanks!
I have the field anaconda too and it’s a beast
You sound so midwestern! Very informative video.
i did a test and the price for silage bales at the bio plant doesn't chance. £5880 a bale.
We now have seasons mod in mod hub
or if you have any potatoes all ready in storage show me them getting put in bins
Arthur my bro when will you make me a live video of pigs doing the full planting and harvesting process ?
Arthur what state do u live in ?
i know that trick you edit in notepad
Best way to get more money per load is load up two trailers and get them to unload at the same time. So you get the most money for the first load. I use the Black Sheep trailer and sell 140,000 all for what ever the price is. You unhook one with the dolly still attached and while it’s unloading you back up and unload the other one. Can work with up to 4 of these with two trucks
This was the first video I ever watched of yours. Haven't missed one since. Keep up the good work. Kingdom Come rules!!!
I already know how you did it using the notepad open with
I do like your vids but this one was edited extremely poorly. Large chunks should have been edited out.
I was getting £5825 per round silage bail, why is the square bail so low?
With seasons I find soybeans to be a big money maker same as canola you gotta grow a variety of crops. And silage is worth alot a great way to make money

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