Farming Simulator 17 - Most Valuable Crop Award

Farming Simulator 17 - Most Valuable Crop Award

Grass silage is the best....I just started playing and now I'm making 500 grand a day off grass fields 😂😂
You can also turn grass into silage at the biogas plant
The mod is named: itrunner
There’s a money box mod that you can download and it’s so easy to get money that’s what I do
Goldcrest Valley making silage and just the three fields that I have. That's it. Half million dollars. Good tip
If I'm right, you had 8k wheat but sold 11k !
Alot of helpful information. Thank you very much...
Hello mr Arthur I am a big fan of you,  i love the way you are making FS videos and i can honestley say you are my favorit author/vloger.I have a quastion. I saw wich is the most valuable crop my question  is wich is the best way to obtain full crop from your field? it is better to turn on plow + 3 time fertil or cheat and turn off. do you obtain the same quantity of crop? my method is: I use zuhammer18,5 pud + zuhammer zuni disc and after this I cultivate I skip plowing plus two fertilization steps.  I hope you understed me, sorry for my grammar, English is not my mother tongue.Big hug from Romania.
If anyone is here trying to figure out the best crop for Farm Simulator 19 I found this
The valtra wr edition is a mod
Wool 😂😂😂😂
Oilseed Radish ?
Dude you really need to start using the GPS mod
If you make silage at the bio gas plant you can can put it in a trailer and sell it in the red barn
To me soybeans are still worth more because look at all that work you did just for the wheat
I seen sharper turns then that on tracks you must be a country boy where all tracks are pretty much straight

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