Farming Simulator 15 (Xbox 360) lets play # 1 Its go time

Farming Simulator 15 (Xbox 360) lets play # 1 Its go time

How you film on the xbox 360
How you filming?
Its on Xbox 360 too.
You should play this on Westbridge Hills
Helpful to see if this is going to be a good purchase in 2017 and so far it is
I typed ass and dis came up so YouTube must think he a ass
The only thing I don't like on Xbox for this game is no indicators
Can I have your gamer tag please
ok every one xbox 360 is not 2 player online or splitscreen i have no idea about other consoules but xbox 360 is single player but im looking for freinds for other game freind me hardcorebeast56
I sub and nice vid can you be my friend I got a mic and I got farming we can play bouth
just started watching your farming simulator series love it so far!!!
how do u wash the tractors
You can select a seed 🙃🙂
i play on Xbox 360 to Farming simulator 15
Hey can u give me a shout out
do you have a Xbox live
I like it
at farming simulator2015

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