Farming Simulator 15 - Gameplay #1: Forestry & Logging

Farming Simulator 15 - Gameplay #1: Forestry & Logging

Это на пс3
the best
Que juegazo
Does it support Logitech g29 or not .?
I like play
Magyar vagy e
Tu énule
I got all of them
eu já jogei esse hogo
you know what's really fun? doin this in real life. smoking dope all day unloading and loading trucks haha seen game was 15$ right now buying it to log on my days off hahaha
anyone know how to get logs in the big trailer
do you want more money thers a money chet
Wait is this Xbox one?
What do you use to record this?
Can i play this game with i3, ram 2gb, nvidia gforce 720m?
Anybody know how to get loads of money on fs15 on Xbox 360
Help we cant get the arm of the logger to move. HELP

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