Farming Simulator 14 - Gameplay on iPhone 5s

Farming Simulator 14 - Gameplay on iPhone 5s

The gyro is making me dizzy. Also I do love this game. I made 10mil. The things I dont like is that on auto drive they get stuck on fences or objects. Another is the pointlessness of the grass dryer and tedder. The tedder wastes grass when it lines it up you get more from a full field. Another bad thing are the random field sizes all over the map, it would be nice for huge fields close by. Even with all the faults I dont like in the game it's still great and addicting plus it's cool to YouTube the actual farm tools and watch how they really work
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Me how we buy a field in FS 14
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Lo he jugado hasta conseguir 26 millones.
Ahora me encuentro en otra partida y no sé para que sirven varios tanques de leche 😮
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