Farming Guide 1-40 Fast and Easy

Farming Guide 1-40 Fast and Easy

lmao bruv you're a genius. a lazy ass genius i love it
this is slow? lol
You sound like the son of Walter White lol
This is proof that farming sucks. Cheers....
can i have 1-2 m for famring?
ty for the method :)
hey man fuck the haters, thanks for sharing this. sick guide. im gonna copy everything you did.
your video is a complete lie! you get no fucking farming xp. DO NOT WATSE YOUR TIME!
missed 1-5
Doing Garden of Tranquility now at 25 for the 5k xp
im pretty sure I made this because at the time there was some quest i had to do that needed 40 farming and legit farming looked pretty aids. So i decided to do this for the 40 farming; im almost positive its faster than traditional farming. If you are just a noob like me who doesnt give a shit about legit farming and just want 40 farming for the quest, this routes good. If youre looking for long term farming levels just go the normal route
you sound slow. quit smoking weed.
Thanks for the info, The time you saved doing this method you could easily make the amount of money you spent,
hes quoting me, saying yea okay, sarcastically because he thinks 1-2m is a lot. While I, hope hes joking because 1-2 is nothing... So your either really stupid or trolling =p
i hope your joking lol.
Lol, "1-2m, pretty much nothing." Yeah, okay.
nice man! making vids again :D

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