Farming Crops AND Bodies?! Which Ones Are The Best? - Graveyard Keeper Alpha

Farming Crops AND Bodies?! Which Ones Are The Best? - Graveyard Keeper Alpha

You have an unfinished construction just next to your well. Is there a reason why you keep ignoring it?
wouldn't it be funny if you fish in the river then suddenly pulling up the corpse you dumped?
They should make a mod for stardew valley that you can call haley and pam an idiot
Hy DF could you please open an own playlist for this game? Would be so much easier to show this game to friends, when they don't have to search whole YouTube for your videos. 😉
Can I move here? Not with you obviously
Skrit skrit
Having a question answered is the best feeling in the world!
"Throwing faith at the corpse."

[Warhammer 40,000 intensifies]
I’ve discovered the names of the days in this game and I think you’ll think it’s pretty interesting and simple if you think about it. Sunday(sun sign duh), Monday(the moon sign duh), and it continues like this for the week except it ends on Friday not Saturday(ya know cuz it here starts on Sunday. I hope this helped DF if u saw it ;)
Bugs help, sorry to say. I recommend you spend those 5 blue points. You can gather bees from honey (to set up your aviary), moths and butterflies from flowers, depending on time of day. These beasties make great bait for fishing.
You should try the game Staxel
DF, Would you be sad if they deleted Pam from Stardew Valley?
what game is this
How do you rotate buildings?
I wish you could customize your keeper.
Missed the stream again, ah well. Great stream, always love watching you play this game. -Bre
First great video! I really enjoy your streams and vids :) second I need help with the game. How do I turn things I wanna build? I really don’t know please help someone 😅
Aww....I donated and was sad you didn't notice me...than I realized this stream wasn't live lol.

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