FARM SIM SATURDAY Baling hay with the John deere round baler

FARM SIM SATURDAY Baling hay with the John deere round baler

where did he got the helocopter
hey dude can you make a video of harvestimg only
u need to tidy ur yard up
Adian chill out
393rd like
Are you a farmer
shad Martin What up
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I am not a big time farmer I am a small time farmer with means that I have a small farm it has a ford 4000 tractor and a small John Deere 100 combine harvester and a lemken 4 furrow plough and a small claas square bailer

Bill great job on the videos awesome videos keep it up
is this FS 2011?
The game is not farm sim Saturday its farming simulator
Does this game cost and what's it called
at 1:35:20 the % of how much changes in the feed mixer it said it was 90 % and then swiched to 72 %

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