Farm for Sale in Rockmart, GA

Farm for Sale in Rockmart, GA

Shame on you! The owner wants this removed from YouTube and has asked you to remove it. I spoke to them yesterday and you are a disgrace not to remove this!
MY Brother Randell Fincher went home to be with the Lord March 3-21-2016 He come down with Bone Cancer
Such a beautiful home...
This is a very old add. This house is not for sale
My house is not for sale
So sad to see my friends dream sold I went to school with Randal and unlike others I was proud of his success I will always remember him but at 63 I know I have very few yrs left God Bless You my old buddy
it looks haunted
I am so in love with it!
Nice Farm.
Vince Gill - Go Rest High on that Mountain. Beautiful song and beautifully sung... I said before; I'll say again - it fits the property and the home...
plz provide the price for all property we r intrsted like to communicate with u reverts back on my id
tell me your email?
Absolutely gorgeous home, property and the music, the music is befitting... Great job G8infosec
Would this property be a lease option? Currently looking for farm to lease for my family and horses/ponies.
How much ???????
The video is all well and good, but all the key information is missing. Like: price and taxes for starters. I would assume that means you are asking too much.

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